Alice In Earnestland

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Alice In Earnestland

Movie: Alice In Earnestland
Revised romanization: Sungsilhan Naraui Aellisu
Director: Ahn Gooc-Jin
Writer: Ahn Gooc-Jin
World Premiere: May, 2015 (Jeonju International Film Festival)
Release Date: August 13, 2015
Runtime: 90 min.
Gender: Comedy. Drama. Thriller
Production Company: KAFA Films
Distributor: CGV Arthouse
Country: South Korea

Alice In Earnestland

Since she was young, Soo-Nam (Lee Jung-Hyun) has been able to do anything well with her hands. She holds 14 different certificates for typing excellence, but a computer takes over her job. Luckily, she finds a new job and marries. Soo-Nam and her husband decide to buy a house. They take out a loan to pay for their home. Soo-Nam works hard to pay off the loan, but she falls into more debt. Then … an opportunity arises to pay off all her debts at once.

Son Nam (Lee Jung Hyun) tiene la habilidad de imitar con sus manos todo lo que ve. Ella trabaja todos los días para pagar las cuentas del hospital de su esposo, pero nunca es suficiente. Un día la casa de Soo Nam es designada como parte de área en desarrollo. Ella puede hacer mucho dinero vendiendo su casa, pero algunos de los residentes del lugar protestan con la medida del área en desarrollo. Soo Nam se cansa de sus vecinos y decide utilizar su destreza con ellos. (FILMAFFINITY)

Compilation made by me

Password: mizuki

Format: MKV  File Size: 1.7 GB  Sub (English-Español-Indonesian-Korean)

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