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Before We Get Married

  • Title: 我們不能是朋友 (我们不能是朋友) / Wo Men Bu Neng Shi Peng You (Wo Men Bu Neng Shih Peng You)
    English title: Before We Get Married
    Genre: Romance, Drama
    Episodes: 13
    Broadcast network: GTV / TTV
    Broadcast period: 2019-May-31
    Air time: Friday 22:00 – 23:30
    Country: China




  • Before We Get Married


    The man with stock code 2882 is a strange yet familiar face to Zhou Wei Wei. He’s also the one who she yearns but wants to escape from. Playing love as a dangerous investment game, will this game turns a loss into profit or does she have to take the loss and sell it off?


    From being single to getting married, it’s the most vulnerable phase in love. The one who you have missed, meeting the one in the wrong time or the one who you’ve yet to know more but feels the mutual attraction would slowly, one by one appears in this phase. Including the one that might wittingly or unwittingly shake your heart, or even brew a storm.


    Zhou Wei Wei who is about to tie the knot suddenly don’t understand, what is love? However, the bells have rung, what’s the decision?

  • Antes de casarnos


    Zhou Wei Wei está a punto de casarse con su exitoso y devoto prometido. Chu Ke Huan también planea casarse con la bella mujer con la que cree quiere pasar el resto de su vida.


    Solo hay un problema: a medida que se acercan sus respectivos días de boda, Wei Wei y Ke Huan están empezando a desarrollar sentimientos el uno por el otro.


    A pesar de sus intenciones de mantener las cosas platónicas, Cupido parece tener otros planes para ellos. ¿Huirá de sus bodas? ¿Se rendirán a la pasión? ¿O pueden controlar sus sentimientos mutuos?


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