Double World

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Double World

Original title: Double World
Year: 2019
Duration: 100 min.
Country: China
Director: Teddy Chan
Screenplay: Liu Fendou, Wen Ning
Cast: Mark Cheng, Peter Ho, Ming Hu, Jiang Luxia, Henry Lau, Him Law, Chenhan Lin, Xiuyu Lin, Ningjiang Zhang
Production Company: China Film, Filmko Film Co, Giant Pictures
Genre: Action. Adventures. Fantastic

The story takes place in the fictional Central Plains. Among the ten countries, Nan Zhao Guo lived next to Beiyan State. In order to defend against the increasingly powerful Bei Yan, Nan Zhao held a contest, and the selection will be talented. The news reached the remote Qingyuan Village. The villager Dong Yi Long wanted to become the family’s flag-raising person. On behalf of the Qingyuan Village family, the villagers questioned his qualifications. After some efforts, Yi Long finally set foot on the warrior. The journey of Chu Soul.

Based on a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Double World

Cuenta la historia del chico de la aldea Qingyuan Dong Yi Long y el guerrero Chu Jia Jun Chu Soul, quienes se embarcan en el viaje para participar en la selección del mariscal Ma Zhao Guo Bing del sur.

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