Endless Love

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Endless Love

Title: รักหมดใจ / Ruk Mot Jai
Also known as: Endless Love
Status: Completed
Duration: 15 Episodes
Genre: Drama / Romance
Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
Air time: Sunday
Broadcast network: GMM25
Broadcast period: August 11, 2019 — November 17, 2019
Country: Thailand

Endless Love

Day and Min fell in love despite their social difference. Soon, they were engaged to be married. However, their happy union was shattered when he discovered that her philanthropic father was the driver who killed his mother in a hit and run years ago and the cause of his father’s suicide on their wedding day. The devastated Day chose to disappear rather than exposing the crime committed by Min’s father. When he resurfaced years later Min had to choose either moving on with her life as he did with his or fighting for his forgiveness and saving their love.

~~ Adapted from Taiwanese drama Endless Love.

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Endless Love

Day y Min se enamoraron a pesar de su diferencia social. Pronto, se comprometieron para casarse. Sin embargo, su feliz unión se hizo añicos cuando descubrió que su padre filantrópico fue el conductor que mató a su madre en un golpe y huyó hace años y la causa del suicidio de su padre el día de su boda. 

El devastado Day decidió desaparecer en lugar de exponer el crimen cometido por el padre de Min. Cuando volvió a aparecer años después, Min tuvo que elegir seguir adelante con su vida como lo hizo con la suya o luchar por su perdón y salvar su amor. 

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