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Extraordinary Mission

  • Extraordinary MissionTítulo original: Extraordinary Mission
    Año: 2017
    Duración: 122 min.
    País: China
    Dirección: Alan Mak, Anthony Pun
    Guion: Felix Chong
    Música: Comfort Chan, Taq Sakakibara
    Fotografía: Anthony Pun
    Reparto: Duan Yihong, Huang Xuan, Lang Yueting, Xing Jiadong, Zu Feng
    Productora: CMC Pictures / Pop Movies
    Género: Thriller. Acción | Crimen


  • Extraordinary Mission

    A cop was going through a rough path in his life: his mother passed away recently, while he was under investigation for bribery. On his way to the funeral, he hit someone with his car. Panicked, he decided to get away with it under camouflage.

    Days passed; when it finally settled down, he found out that the criminal he is chasing after now is the one he hit. What’s worse, someone witnessed the whole accident, and filed an anonymous report. That “someone” is also a cop. What’s his purpose? Why is he after this accident? A very complicated story lies beneath.

  • Extraordinary Mission

    Gira en torno a un oficial de policía encubierto que intenta derrocar a un sindicato de narcotraficantes desde el interior.