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House Of Flying Daggers

  • House Of Flying Daggers

    Movie: House of Flying Daggers
    Chinese: Shi mian mai fu
    Director: Zhang Yimou
    Writer: Feng Li, Bin Wang
    Release Date: May 19, 2004
    Runtime: 119 min
    Genre: Martial Arts, Period, Romance
    Language: Mandarin
    Country: Hong Kong / China



  • 859 AD. The once great Tang Dynasty is now declining. Numerous rebel groups have formed, the largest of which is the House of Flying Daggers, based in Feng Tian county. They steal from the rich and give to the poor, gaining the support of people. The local deputies have managed to kill their former leader, but the rebel group only becomes stronger, due to a mysterious new one. Jin and Leo, two police captains, are ordered to kill the new leader within ten days.

  • Declive de la dinastía Tang, 859 a.c., debido a la incompetencia del emperador el malestar del país va en aumento y numerosos grupos rebeldes se levantan en su contra. Uno de estos grupos se hace llamar “Casa de las dagas voladoras”, y actúa de forma secreta y oculta. Pese a que su líder ha sido asesinado no pueden evitar que sigan conspirando y para poner fin a esa situación las autoridades ponen en marcha una misión.



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