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I Saw the Devil

  • I Saw the DevilMovie: I Saw the Devil
    Revised romanization: Akmareul Boattda
    Hangul: 악마를 보았다
    Director: Kim Jee-Woon
    Writer: Park Hoon-Jung
    Producer: Kim Hyung-Woo, Jo Sung-Won, Kim Jae-Young, Kim Jung-Hwa
    Cinematographer: Lee Mo-Gae
    Release Date: August 11, 2010
    Runtime: 141 min.
    Genre: Suspense-Thriller / Award Winning / Best Film-Movie of the Year
    Distributor: Showbox
    Country: South Korea


  • I Saw the Devil

    A woman named Joo-Yun (Oh San-Ha) is stranded in her broken down car on a snowy night. She talks to her fiance on her cellphone while she awaits for a tow truck. Her fiance is So-Hyun (Lee Byung-Hun), an agent for the National Intelligence Service.

    Meanwhile, a yellow van stops in front of the woman’s broken down car. A man named (Choi Min-Sik) gets out of the van and knocks on the woman’s window. He offers to help her get the car started. The preoccupied fiance Soo-Hyun, still on the phone with Joo-Yun, advises her to stay in the car until the tow truck arrives and gets called away on business matters. Joo-Yun tells the creepy man that she will wait for the tow truck and raises her window shut. Moments later, the creepy man named Kyung-Chul smashes the passenger window open with a sledgehammer and beats Joo-Yun unconscious. Kyung-Chul takes Joo-Yun to his home and decapitates the woman.

    A few days later, an ear is found in a plastic bag by children playing near a river. When the police arrive, they later find Joo-Yun’s head in the river. At this moment So-Hyun arrives at the crime scene and witnesses his fiance’s decapitated head.

    At the funeral for Joo-Yun, Soo-Hyun apologizes to her for not being there to protect her and also promises to inflict pain 1,000x worse to the man responsible for her death.

    When Soo-Hyun tracks down his fiance’s killer he beats the man severely. The killer awakens the next day bloodied, but still alive. There is also an envelope with money left on his belly. Soo-Hyun’s plan for vengeance is just beginning …

  • Encontré al diablo

    Jang Chul Gyung es un psicópata peligroso que mata por placer. Que ha cometido asesinatos en serie infernales de manera diabólica que ni siquiera se puede imaginar y su gama de víctimas de mujeres jóvenes, incluso a niños. La policía lo ha perseguido durante mucho tiempo, pero no pudieron atraparlo. Un día la hija de un jefe de policía retirado se convierte en su presa, y es encontrada muerta en un estado horrible. Su novio Kim Soo Hyun, un agente secreto, decide encontrar al asesino mismo. Se promete que hará todo lo posible para tomar venganza sangrienta contra el asesino, incluso si esto significa que él debe convertirse en un monstruo él mismo.



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