Killer Toon

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Killer Toon

Title: Killer Toon
Original title: Deo Web-toon: Ye-go Sal-in
Year 2013
Duration: 104 min.
Country: South Korea
Director: Yong-gyun Kim
Script: Hoo-Kyoung Lee, Lee Sang-hak
Music: Yongrock Choi
Photography: Lee Jung-Bae
Production Company: CJ E&M, Filma Pictures
Genre: Thriller. Terror | Serial killers

Killer Toon

An editor is found dead. For investigating police detective Lee Gi-cheol (Eom Gi-joon) and his partner Yeong-soo (Hyeon Woo) the case seems to be clear at first: suicide. But a webtoon on the editor’s computer mirrors the suicide in every detail. Moreover, the injuries the victim is supposed to have inflicted on herself are very unusual and painful. Gi-cheol soon finds out that the webtoon is from artist Kang Ji-yoon (Lee Si-yeong) who proves to be hard to contact, though.

When it turns out that the artist doesn’t have an alibi for the time of murder and also is found at the scene of a second alleged suicide she has to answer the detectives’ questions. Her explanation that the murders were committed by ghosts isn’t believabele at all, even less so since Ji-yoon seems to be hiding something. After some investigation Gi-cheol manages to trace all the connections back to the girl Seo-hyeon (Moon Ga-yeong) who once shared a room with Ji-yoon. However, no one seems to know where Seo-hyeon can be found now…

Killer Toon

Después de una serie de asesinatos que se cometen entorno a un famoso webtoon, el detective Ki Cheol coloca a la dibujante Kang Ji Yoon en la lista de sospechosos. 

Compilation made by me

Password: mizuki

Format: MKV  File Size: 2 GB Sub (Eng-Esp-Indo)

First alternative

Second Alternative

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