Mirai (2018)

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Mirai aka

Title: Mirai (2018)
Year: 2018
Duration: 100 min.
Country: Japan
Direction: Mamoru Hosoda
Script: Mamoru Hosoda
Music: Takagi Masakatsu
Production Company: Studio Chizu
Genre: Animation. Drama. Fantastic |
Childhood. Family. Travels in the time. Family cinema

Mirai (2018)

In a quiet corner of the city, four-year-old Kun Oota has lived a spoiled life as an only child with his parents and the family dog, Yukko. But when his new baby sister Mirai is brought home, his simple life is thrown upside-down; suddenly, it isn’t all about him anymore. Despite his tantrums and nagging, Mirai is seemingly now the subject of all his parents’ love.

To help him adapt to this drastic change, Kun is taken on an extraordinary journey through time, meeting his family’s past, present, and future selves, as he learns not only what it means to be a part of a family, but also what it means to be an older brother.

Kun, un niño mimado y consentido de cuatro años al que sus padres dejan de prestar atención cuando nace su hermana Mirai, empieza a sufrir situaciones en casa que nunca había vivido. Pero entonces, la versión adolescente de su hermana viaja en el tiempo desde el futuro para vivir junto a Kun una aventura extraordinaria más allá de lo imaginable. (FILMAFFINITY)

Compilation made by me

Password: mizuki

Format: MKV  File Size: 2.5 GB Sub (Eng-Esp-Indo)

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