Mystery (2012)

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Mystery (2012)

Movie: Mystery (2012)
Chinese: 浮 城 謎 事
Director: Lou Ye
Writer: Feng Mei, Lou Ye, Yu Fan
Producer: Kristina Larsen, Chen Xi, An Nai, Lou Ye
Cinematographer: Zeng Jian
Release Date: October 19, 2012
Genre: Drama / Arthouse / Melodrama / Noir
Runtime: 98 min.
Language: Mandarin
Country: China, France

Mystery (2012)

Lu Jie is having coffee with her desperate friend Sang Qi, who believes her husband is cheating on her. At the same time at a hotel across the road from the coffee shop, Lu Jie sees her husband businessman Qiao Yongzhao entering the hotel with a young girl. A few hours later the girl Sun Xiaomin is run over and killed on a nearby motorway by a group of joyriding rich kids but when the police arrive they notice that Sun had been attacked before she was run over.

Mystery (2012)

Yongzhao, el marido de Jie, es un hombre de negocios que lleva una doble vida. Cuando la madre de su mejor amiga cita un día a Jie en una cafetería, ésta ve cómo su marido entra en un motel con una muchacha. Poco después, la joven muere en circunstancias no muy claras. Al menos Feng, el oficial a cargo de la investigación, se niega a admitir que se trate de una muerte accidental. (FILMAFFINITY)

Compilation made by me

Password: mizuki

Format: MKV  File Size: 1.96 GB Sub: English-Japanese (Beta: Español-Indonesian)

First Alternative

Second Alternative

Third Alternative

Quarter Alternative

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