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  • Pandora

    Movie: Pandora
    Hangul: 판도라
    Director: Park Jung-Woo
    Writer: Park Jung-Woo
    Producer: Park Kyung-Sook
    Cinematographer: Choi Young-Hwan
    Release Date: December 7, 2016
    Runtime: 136 min.
    Genre: Disaster / Thriller
    Distributor: Next Entertainment World
    Country: South Korea



  • Pandora

    The story of a small town blown apart by a disaster, as an unexpected earthquake hits the nuclear power plant. In the aftermath, Jae Hyuk struggles to save his family and the country.

  • Una película sobre las personas de una nación y del Presidente quienes sacrifican sus vidas para prevenir que un desastre suceda. Jae Hyeok lucha por salvar a su familia y a su país del desastre.