Raaz: The Mystery Continues

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Raaz: The Mystery Continues

Original title: Raaz: The Mystery Continues
Year 2009
Duration: 151 min.
Country: India
Address: Mohit Suri
Script: Mohit Suri
Photography: Ravi Walia
Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Adhyayan Suman, Emraan Hashmi, Chintan Sarda, Jackie Shroff
Production Company: Sony BMG Feature Films, Vishesh Films
Genre: Horror. Thriller

A brooding artist Prithvi, experiences mysterious & distressing visions about Nandita, a woman he has never met, while he paints on canvas. Intrigued by these visions, Prithvi tracks her down and warns her that these are not merely paintings of her, but accidents that are waiting to happen! At first, Nandita refuses to believe him and dismisses him as an eccentric stalker. However, the striking resemblance between Prithvi’s paintings and the near – death incidents in her life is hard to ignore. Haunted by a series of deathly and paranormal experiences, her reason crumbles in the face of fear.

Now, one of Prithvi’s paintings has revealed her as dead! The only way she can change her fate, is to unravel this mystery with his help, at the risk of alienating herself from her boyfriend, Yash, who is a rational and logical man. But he refuses to believe in Prithvi’s premonitions. Will Nandita risk her love and her life to unravel this mystery? Is there no escape at all?

Are some mysteries better left unsolved, some secrets left uncovered and some questions left unanswered?

Raaz: The Mystery Continues

Un artista se da cuenta de que la mujer que ha estado pintando es real y está siendo perseguida por un fantasma.

Compilation made by me

Password: mizuki

Format: MKV  File Size: 2.52 GB Sub (Eng-Esp-Indo)

First Alternative

Second Alternative

Third Alternative

Cuarter Alternative

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