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The Admiral: Roaring Currents

  • The Admiral: Roaring CurrentsMovie: The Admiral: Roaring Currents/ Battle of Myeongryang, Whirlwind Sea (literal title)
    Revised romanization: Myeongryang – Huiori Bada
    Hangul: 명량 – 회오리 바다
    Director: Kim Han-Min
    Writer: Jun Chul-Hong, Kim Han-Min
    Producer: Kim Han-Min
    Release Date: July 30, 2014
    Runtime: 128 min.
    Genre: Action / Maritime / Period-16th Century / Based on True Story / War / Best Film
    Distributor: CJ Entertainment
    Country: South Korea

  • The Admiral: Roaring Currents

    is a thrilling movie from South Korea about the courageous story of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin and a historic naval battle in 1597. The Japanese Navy outnumbers Yi’s ships by 27 to 1. All the odds seem stacked against him and his men. First, Yi’s king tries to have him killed because he refuses to leave his post. Also, his troops are plagued with fear. Yi explains to his son that they have to turn the fear of the men into courage. To do this, Admiral Yi knows he must sacrifice himself. During the battle, Yi has to face an old nemesis who is a pirate king holding a vendetta against the admiral.

    THE ADMIRAL shows the power of unity and sacrifice overcoming doubt, fear and hysteria. The title character tells his son about the importance of integrity and strong leadership. THE ADMIRAL has a strong mixed pagan worldview. There are references to ancestor worship and Buddhism mixed with strong moral elements and some redemptive sacrifice. Excessive is warranted for this mixture and plenty of extreme, graphic war violence.

  • El almirante: rugido de las corrientes

    Cuenta la historia del almirante Yi Sun-Sin (1545-1598), el militar más venerado por los coreanos. En la Batalla de Myongnyang (1597), con tan sólo 13 barcos, venció a la armada japonesa, compuesta por unas 300 naves. Una hazaña sin precedentes en la historia militar mundial. 



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