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The End of Evangelion

  • The End of EvangelionOriginal title: Shin seiki Evangerion Gekijō-ban: The End of Evangelion:
    Year: 1997
    Duration: 87 min
    Country Japan
    Direction: Hideaki Anno, Kazuya Tsurumaki
    Script: Hideaki Anno
    Music: Shirô Sagisu
    Photography: Animation, Hisao Shirai
    Cast: Animation
    Production Company: GAINAX / Production I.G / Project Eva / TV Tokyo
    Genre: Animation. Science fiction. Fantastic. Drama | Psychological drama. Robots. Animation for adults. Sequel


  • The End of Evangelion

    With the defeat of the final Angel, Gendo Ikari turns on the Seele organization, each of them wanting to initiate Third Impact under their own control. Through Seele’s control of the United Nations, it orders a massive leave-no-survivors assault on Tokyo-3 by the JSSDF, who clear through the personal of NERV quickly and efficiently. Asuka, piloting Eva-02, is able to repulse the JSSDF, motivating Seele to deploy the nine Mass Production model Evangelions against Eva-02.

    After a titanic battle, Eva-02 is destroyed, killing Asuka. Meanwhile, Misato fights her way through the JSSDF’s invasion of Nerv HQ to bring Shinji to Eva-01, dying moments after getting Shinji to safety. Rei merges with embryonic Adam and then Lilith, rejecting Gendo, and instigates Third Impact and Instrumentality using Eva-01, the Mass Production Evangelions, and the Spear of Longinus.

    After examining his life’s meaning with Rei/Lilith, Shinji decides to reject Instrumentality, and return to the world even though that means being hurt. Sometime later, Shinji wakes up on the beach of the Sea of LCL formed by Instrumentality, and finds Asuka alive next to him.

  • The End of Evangelion

    Asuka se encuentra en coma después del último combate que libró mientras operaba la unidad 02. Shinji llora por su recuperación y se encuentra terriblemente perturbado luego de la muerte de Kaworu. Mientras tanto, el líder de la organización NERV, Gendo Ikari, discrepa con los miembros de la organización SELEE. SEELE descubre que Gendo Ikari pretende usar NERV para sus propios planes, por lo que envían a la Fuerza de Autodefensa Estratégica de Japón (JSSDF) para tomar el control de NERV y así poder llevar acabo el Proyecto de Instrumentalización Humana.



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