When Marnie Was There

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When Marnie Was There

Title: When Marnie Was There
Genre: Animation, Drama
Directed By: Hiromasa Yonebayashi
Written By: Keiko Niwa, Hiromasa Yonebayashi, Masashi Ando
In Theaters: May 22, 2015 Limited
On Disc / Streaming: Oct 6, 2015
Box Office: $ 463,187
Runtime: 103 minutes
Studio: GKIDS
Country: Japan

Anna, who is a shy girl, is sent to stay with an old couple in a village along the coast. She doesn’t open up to anyone and stays to herself. Anna then meets a strange girl named Mani. They become friends, but none of the village residents know about Mani’s existence.

Anna Sasaki es una chica solitaria y sin amigos, que vive con sus padres adoptivos en Sapporo. Por motivos de salud, un día ella es enviada a un pueblo costero con el señor y la señora Oiwa. Allí, a la orilla del mar, conoce a una chica llamada Marnie, quien pronto se convertirá en su mejor amiga. Mientras Anna trata de adaptarse a un nuevo estilo de vida, ella se dará cuenta de que Marnie no es quien parece…

Hello, if you can't see the video you can report it in the comment box.

Hola, si no puedes ver el video puedes denunciarlo en el cuadro de comentarios

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